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Table 1 Functional protein pool list.

From: Robustness analysis on interspecies interaction network for iron and glucose competition between Candida albicans and zebrafish during infection

Protein pool Proteins symbol
C. albicans
iron-related virulence proteins
asc1, bgl2, cat1, hem3, rbt4, rfg1, ppt1, ftr2, nag3, phr2,
  yhb1, bud2, erg3, gcs1, int1, ddr48, fre10, hap43, hmx1, sap10,
  sit1, ftr1, ccc2, cph1, cyr1, dfg16, efg1, hog1, mnn2, rim101,
  snf7, sod1, tup1, vps28, gcn4, sod2, als3, ssn6, tpk2, tpk1,
iron-related immune proteins
alas2, atp6v1h, atp7a, ba2, bcl2, calrl2, cyba,
  cybb, ercc2, fech, flvcr1, glrx5, hamp1, hif1ab,
  hmox1, hpx, jak2a, jak2b, jmjd6, mb, ncf1,
  ndfip1, nos2a, nos2b, rsad2, slc11a2, slc25a37, slc40a1,
  sod1, sod2, src, tfr1a
C. albicans
glucose-related virulence proteins
cdc19, cdc24, cek1, tps1, gpr1, tps2, spt3, snf1, gpa2, rim8,
  cst20, ino1, fba1, hsl1, cnh1, cdc42, gsc1, fbp1, asc1, itr1,
  rim20, tpk2, hgt4, hxk1, cdc14, orf19.6739, orf19.7670
glucose-related immune proteins
angpt2, arg2, bad, bpgm, cyba, dbh, edn1,
  egr1, fgf21, foxo3a, gpia, gpib, hdac4, hif1ab,
  hprt1, ins, lrp5, onecut1, onecutl, pgm3, pla2g1b,
  pparg, prkcq, ptenb, rpl11, slc11a2, slc16a3, slc3a2,
  slc7a6, src, thbs1, tnfa, tnfb, yes1
  1. Proteins used to construct iron- and glucose competition interspecies networks are selected from C. albicans and zebrafish based on function annotation with ANOVA-selection. They can be classified into four groups: 1. C. albicans iron-related 2. zebrafish iron-related 3. C. albicans glucose-related and 4. zebrafish glucose-related.