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Table 4 Significantly enriched terms (using ToppGene) in the sub-network consisting of the gene pairs that have the 100 largest mutual information values.

From: Investigating the utility of clinical outcome-guided mutual information network in network-based Cox regression

Profile Category ID Name p-value Adjusted p-value Count Total
CNA Disease ctd:D006949 Hyperlipidemias 1.76E-05 2.24E-03 3 13
  Disease ctd:D009765 Obesity 1.98E-03 1.21E-02 4 132
  Disease ctd:D007333 Insulin Resistance 8.96E-03 2.42E-02 2 35
  Disease ctd:D009369 Neoplasms 1.05E-02 2.78E-02 2 38
mRNA Disease ctd:D002277 Carcinoma 1.19E-04 1.23E-02 8 161
  Disease ctd:D009364 Neoplasm Recurrence, Local 1.25E-02 4.96E-02 3 52
METH GO:MF GO:0008528 G-protein coupled peptide receptor activity 4.15E-05 1.21E-02 7 120
  GO:MF GO:0001653 peptide receptor activity 4.86E-05 1.21E-02 7 123
  GO:MF GO:0004942 anaphylatoxin receptor activity 1.78E-04 1.78E-02 2 3
  GO:MF GO:0004948 calcitonin receptor activity 1.78E-04 1.78E-02 2 3
  GO:MF GO:0004800 thyroxine 5'-deiodinase activity 1.78E-04 1.78E-02 2 3