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Table 2 General statistics on ANDCell database content and descriptions of molecular-genetics interactions.

From: ANDSystem: an Associative Network Discovery System for automated literature mining in the field of biology

Interaction type Involved objects Description Number of ANDCell entries
association Proteins, genes, metabolites, cell components, diseases, pathways Association type is used to define the relationships between genes and diseases. The Association is also used as a type of relationship between other objects, if a particular type of relationship has been omitted in the text. 3,433,168
involvement Proteins, pathways Involvement of proteins into pathways (UniProt-GOA). 728,947
interaction Proteins, genes, metabolites, cell components Formation of molecular complexes. 242,757
expression Proteins, genes The protein product of gene expression (NCBI gene) 178,761
expression regulation* Proteins, genes Direct regulation by a transcription factor that physically interacts with a gene promoter and indirect regulation of gene expression by proteins. 236,298
pathway regulation* Proteins, metabolites, pathways Activation and termination of pathway functioning. 234,179
transport regulation Proteins, metabolites Regulation of transport proteins or metabolites between cell compartments, as well as the secretion of these molecules from the cell. 64,810
treatment Proteins, metabolites, diseases The use of a molecular agent for treatment of a known disease. 51,195
catalyze Proteins, metabolites Catalytic reactions are reactions involving metabolites as substrates and products; also, a protein as an enzyme catalyzing this reaction. 49,173
activity regulation* Proteins, metabolites, cellular components Regulation of activity/function of proteins and cellular components. 101,953
degradation regulation* Proteins, metabolites, cellular components Regulation of stability or degradation of molecular objects. 17,751
miRNA regulation miRNA, proteins Regulation of protein expression. 23,576
coexpression Genes Co-expression of several genes. 6,618
cleavage Proteins Protein cleavage events. Protein substrate and proteolytic enzyme are participants. 2,178
catalyzed modification Proteins, metabolites Catalysis of post-translational protein modifications. 430
conversion metabolites Catalytic reaction in a case when a catalyst enzyme is not indicated; also when the reaction proceeds without a catalyst. 23,519
  1. * three types of regulations (regulation, upregulation and downregulation) are presented for this group.