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Table 1 Parameter sets used to describe the steady-state transfer function of the genetic devices

From: Modelling the effects of cell-to-cell variability on the output of interconnected gene networks in bacterial populations

Parameter α δ k η
3OC 6 -HSL inducible device 4 0.05 700 0.9
TetR/Ptet NOT gate 3 0.05 0.2 2
LacI/Plac NOT gate 0.5 10-5 3.2 1.9
A/PA YES gate 3 0.05 0.2 2
  1. The α, δ, K and η parameters correspond to the αIN, δIN, kIN and ηIN parameters of the 3OC6-HSL inducible device (Eq.1), αOUT, δOUT, kOUT and ηOUT of the TetR/Ptet-based NOT gate and of the A/PA-based YES gate (Eq.2 and Eq.4) and αOUT3, δOUT3, kOUT3 and ηOUT3 of the LacI/Plac-based NOT gate (Eq.3). Their units are described in the Methods section.