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Table 3 Potential drugs for schizophrenia treatment

From: A weighted and integrated drug-target interactome: drug repurposing for schizophrenia as a use case

Potential SCZ drug Indicationa ATC codes Number of SCZ clinical trials
Citalopram Depression N06AB04; N06AB10 13
Atomoxetine ADHDb N06BA09 8
Memantine Parkinson's disease N06DX01 6
Paroxetine Depression N06AB05 6
Sertraline Depression N06AB06 5
Fluvoxamine Depression N06AB08 4
Lorazepam Anxiety N05BA06 4
Ondansetron Nausea and vomiting A04AA01 4
Dexmethylphenidate ADHD N06BA11 3
Fluoxetine Depression N06AB03 3
Methylphenidate ADHD N06BA04 3
Benztropine Parkinson's disease   2
Betahistine Obesity N07CA01 2
Clonidine ADHD C02AC01; N02CX02; S01EA04; S01EA03 2
Famotidine Peptic ulcer disease A02BA03 2
Guanfacine Hypertension C02AC02 2
Mirtazapine Depression N06AX11 2
Pergolide Parkinson's disease N04BC02 2
Reboxetine Depression N06AX18 2
Zolpidem Insomnia N05CF02 2
Agomelatine Depression N06AX22 1
Bromocriptine Parkinson's disease G02CB01; N04BC01 1
Buspirone Anxiety N05BE01 1
Cinnarizine Nausea and vomiting N07CA02 1
Cyproheptadine Allergies R06AX02 1
Desipramine Depression N06AA01 1
Dexmedetomidine Anxiety N05CM18 1
Diazepam Anxiety N05BA01; N05BA17 1
Dopamine Parkinson's disease C01CA04 1
Levodopa Parkinson's disease N04BA01; N04BA04 1
Methamphetamine ADHD N06BA03 1
Naratriptan Migraine headaches N02CC02 1
Nitrazepam Insomnia N05CD02 1
Nizatidine Peptic ulcer disease A02BA04 1
Pramipexole Parkinson's disease N04BC05 1
Promethazine Allergies D04AA10; R06AD02; R06AD05 1
Sibutramine Obesity A08AA10 1
Trazodone Depression N06AX05 1
Zotepine   N05AX11 1
Total    82
  1. aThe information of drug indication was obtained from DrugBank and TTD.
  2. bADHD: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.