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Table 2 Similarities and differences between ISL and ISHC

From: Toward modular biological models: defining analog modules based on referent physiological mechanisms

Referent system In situ isolated, perfused rat liver In vitro rat hepatocyte culture
Targeted attribute Outflow profile Intrinsic clearance
Similarity criteria 80% of points fall within band of ±1 standard deviation of wet-lab value Value falls within ±1 standard deviation of wet-lab value; r 2 > 0.95
Structure Concentric, cylindrical grids within sinusoidal network Stacked, two-dimensional, rectangular grid system
Time scale ~Seconds/minutes ~Minutes/hours
Test drug Propranolol Propranolol
Physiomimetic mechanism modules used InductionHandler, EliminationHandler, MetabolismHandler, BindingHandler InductionHandler, EliminationHandler
MetabolismHandler, BindingHandler