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Table 1 Identified network modules

From: Network signatures link hepatic effects of anti-diabetic interventions with systemic disease parameters

Module Size GO Terms Significant correlations
A (yellow) 198 metabolic process; amine metabolic process; negative regulation of peptidase activity; lipid biosynthetic process; oxidoreductase activity; electron carrier activity Liver weight (-0.91), Triglycerides (-0.90), Atherosclerosis (-0.79), Cholesterol (-0.79)
B (red) 161 cell activation; response to stress; immune system process; inflammatory response; cytokine production Atherosclerosis (0.80), Cholesterol (0.78), Liver weight (0.75)
C (black) 142 lipid metabolic process; carboxylic acid metabolic process; acyl-CoA metabolic process; thioester metabolic process; oxidation-reduction process Liver weight (0.88), Cholesterol (0.83)
D (green) 185 aromatic amino acid family catabolic process; cofactor binding; rRNA binding; endopeptidase inhibitor activity  
E (royalblue) 51   Cholesterol (-0.82)
F (blue) 369 protein localization; protein transport; generation of precursor metabolites and energy  
G (magenta) 125 circadian rhythm  
H (purple) 118 regulation of primary metabolic process  
I (greenyellow) 112 receptor activity  
J (cyan) 83   
K (lightyellow) 54   
L (darkgreen) 41   
M (darkturquoise) 39 electron transport chain  
N (orange) 22 hexosaminidase activity  
  1. Modules with valid eigengenes and their size, representative GO terms, and significant correlations with disease parameters (correlation coefficient in parentheses).