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Table 1 Biochemical parameters in L6E9 myotubes after different incubations with resistin and/or insulin

From: 13C metabolic flux analysis shows that resistin impairs the metabolic response to insulin in L6E9 myotubes

  Incubation condition
Ins- Ins+
Res- Res+ Res- Res+
Glucose consumption (mM) 0.50±0.04 0.61±0.06* 0.78±0.03** 0.70±0.09
Lactate production (mM) 0.48±0.01 0.56±0.02** 0.75±0.06** 0.79±0.02
Glycogen (µg glucose/mg prot) 9.88±1.99 9.97±0.98 11.34±0.59 11.62±1.21
Glucose-6-phosphate (nmol/mg prot) 0.92±0.14 1.44±0.28 2.30±0.29** 2.10±0.19
  1. L6E9 myotubes were treated (Res+) or not treated (Res-) with 100 nM resistin for 8 h and then incubated for 6 h in the absence (Ins-) or presence (Ins+) of 100 nM insulin. Glucose consumption, lactate production, and intracellular contents of glycogen and glucose-6-phosphate were determined as described in the Methods section. Results are the mean±standard deviation (n=3). Units of glucose consumption and lactate production refer to the volume of the incubation medium. (*) indicates p<0.05 and (**) p<0.01 compared with the condition of neither resistin nor insulin. (†) indicates p<0.05 compared with the L6E9 myotubes treated only with resistin.