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Table 1 Mapping between subalgorithms employed by Algorithm ?? and OpenCV functions

From: Automatic validation of computational models using pseudo-3D spatio-temporal model checking

Subalgorithm signature OpenCV function signature
ChangeBrightnessAndContrast(image, alpha, beta) convertTo(image, -1, alpha, beta)
MorphologicalCloseOperation(image, morphCloseNrOfIter) morphologyEx(image, outputImage, MORPH_CLOSE, Mat(), Point(-1, -1), morphCloseNrOfIter)
GaussianBlur(image, kernelSize, standardDev) GaussianBlur(image, outputImage, kernelSize, standardDev)
Threshold(image, thresholdValue) threshold(image, outputImage, thresholdValue, 255 THRESH_BINARY)
DetectAndApproximateContours(image, approximationLevel) findContours(image, contours, contoursHierarchy, CV_ RETR_CCOMP, CV_CHAIN_APPROX_NONE, Point())
  approxPolyDP(image, outputImage, approximationLevel, true)
  1. The left column describes the signature of the subalgorithms employed by Algorithm ??. The right column describes the signature of the corresponding OpenCV function(s).