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Table 1 Table of enriched gene ontology categories

From: Spatial localization of the first and last enzymes effectively connects active metabolic pathways in bacteria

Gene ontology enrichment analysis Enzymes Localized enzymes Expected P-values fisher’s exact test
Nucleotide binding 438 46 25 2.11E-05
Manganese ion binding 70 14 4 3.08E-05
Magnesium ion binding 170 23 10 8.06E-05
ATP binding 427 43 25 1.15E-04
Ubiquinone synthesis 18 6 1 3.49E-04
Amino acid binding 18 6 1 3.49E-04
5′-nucleotidase activity 4 3 0.2 7.19E-04
Chemotaxis 22 6 1.3 1.16E-03
L-lyxose metabolism 5 3 0.3 1.72E-03
Lyase activity 80 12 4.6 1.79E-03
Fatty acid biosynthesis 17 5 1 2.10E-03
  1. Table of enriched GO categories for E.coli enzymes showing GFP localization under exponential growth. First column shows the category, second column the number of enzymes in that category, third column the number of enzymes from the list of 219 localized ones that are in the category, fourth column is the number of enzymes in the category expected by chance and the fifth column is the p-value calculated as the Fisher exact test.