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Figure 3

From: Iron acquisition and oxidative stress response in aspergillus fumigatus

Figure 3

Summary of model wild type phenotypes.(A)-(C) Histogram of average states of six species from time steps 100-200 (i.e., the model reaches a stable configuration before counting begins). Vertical dashed lines mark stable distribution means (SDM). (D) The SDM of ICP and ROS for a wild type fungal cell under each of the four conditions overlayed with a depiction of the phenotype reference. If the SDM of ICP is 0, then we interpret the model observation as minimal or no growth. An ICP SDM in (0, 0.33) is interpreted as low growth. Otherwise, an ICP in [0.33, 1] signifies a high growth phenotype. If the ROS SDM falls in [0.66,1] we interpret this as high cell death. When the SDM of ROS is 1, we assume the ROS is so overwhelming that the entire population dies. Otherwise, for an ROS SDM in [0, 0.66) the interpretation is low cell death.

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