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Table 1 Examples of two-TF regulatory circuits that are suggested for lineage bifurcations

From: Increased robustness of early embryogenesis through collective decision-making by key transcription factors

TF1 TF2 Progenitor Lineage 1 Lineage 2 Ref.
(TF1 ≈ TF2) (TF1 > TF2) (TF1 < TF2)
Gata1 Pu.1 Common myeloid progenitor Erythroid Myeloid [3]
Oct4 Cdx2 Totipotent embryonic cells Inner cell mass Trophectoderm [12]
Nanog Gata4/6 Inner cell mass Epiblast Primitive endoderm [13]
Sox10 Phox2b Bipotential neural progenitor Glia Neuron [54]
Ptf1a Nkx6 Pancreatic progenitor Exocrine cells Endocrine cells [55]
Pax3 Foxc2 Dermomyotome progenitor Myogenic cells Vascular cells [55]