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Table 1 Reactions in the two-state gene expression network with positive feedback

From: Distinguishing the rates of gene activation from phenotypic variations

Number   Reaction   
1 DNA open \(\xrightarrow {\qquad d_{G} \qquad }\) DNA closed  
2 DNA closed \(\xrightarrow {\;\;\;\;k_{G}O_{P}+K_{G0}\;\;\;\;}\) DNA open  
3 DNA open \(\xrightarrow {\;\;\;\;k_{R}O_{P}+K_{R0}\;\;\;\;}\) DNA open+m  
4 m \(\xrightarrow {\qquad k_{P}\qquad }\) n  
5 m \(\xrightarrow {\qquad d_{R}\qquad }\)  
6 n \(\xrightarrow {\qquad d_{P}\qquad }\)