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Fig. 4

From: The organization of domains in proteins obeys Menzerath-Altmann’s law of language

Fig. 4

Patterns of domain length overrepresentation in single domain proteins. a Intercept L 1 vs. effective average protein length L e plot. L e represents the sum of the length of individual domain constituents of a protein, without considering linkers and terminal non-domain sequences. L e were calculated using weights M k , the number of proteins with k domains, and averaging over all k up to K’, the largest value of k on the linear part of the log-log plot (see Fig. 1 as example). b Effective average protein length L e vs. slope b plot. Slope and coefficients of determination (R2) values for correlations in organismal groups are shown for each fitted line. Dashed trend lines described non-significant fits (p > 0.05)

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