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Fig. 4

From: Dysregulation of the vascular endothelial growth factor and semaphorin ligand-receptor families in prostate cancer metastasis

Fig. 4

Intra-patient variability of metastases is low relative to inter-patient variability. a Many genes have consistent alterations in metastatic samples from the same patient while variable expression patterns between patients are more common. Blue box plots indicate the range of expression in the 21 normal samples, with the upper and lower ends of the boxes corresponding to the third and first quartiles of the data, respectively. The numbers along the x-axis indicate to which patient the dots above correspond. b Consensus K-means clustering of GSE38241 metastases according to VEGF/Sema expression shows a consistent co-clustering pattern for 5 clusters. Dark blue indicates a high frequency of co-clustering between consensus runs, while white indicates no co-clustering. Colors at the top and left indicate the patient from which each metastatic sample was taken. c Heatmap of gene expression across 18 GSE38241 metastases. The mean expression of each gene in the normal prostate tissue samples is subtracted from the expression of each gene in the metastases so that the heatmap shows up/downregulation relative to normal. Only the most variable of the VEGF/Sema genes are displayed. Dashed lines separate clusters, and colors at the top correspond to patients as in b. d-e: As for b and c, but with the set of 85 angiogenesis-related genes

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