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Fig. 9

From: Nonlinear mixed-effects modelling for single cell estimation: when, why, and how to use it

Fig. 9

Analysis of STS and NONMEM using real FRAP-data with Model 1. a and b are histograms of parameter k 1 estimated with NONMEM (green bars) and STS (blue bars) using all experimental data in each cell (a), and only 17 % of the data in each cell (b). a the parameter distribution from STS and NONMEM coincide in a lognormal distribution. b, while NONMEM roughly stays in the same interval as in (a), the interval from STS vastly increases. c and d is a representative example of the model fit to the experimental data from one of the cells using STS and NONMEM, respectively. Results for parameter k 2 shows similar results as for k 1

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