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Table 1 Gene expression behavior with initial expression limited to the central domain/endoderm

From: Analysis of a spatial gene expression database for sea anemone Nematostella vectensis during early development

  Initial stage Blastula Early gastrula Mid gastrula Late gastrula Early planula Planula
final stage        
 early gastrula   (21:1:1)      
 mid gastrula   (1:0:0) (4:2:0)     
 late gastrula   (0:0:0) (4:1:0) (3:0:0)    
 early planula   (0:1:0) (0:0:0) (1:0:0) (0:0:0)   
 planula   (0:0:0) (0:0:0) (0:0:0) (4:1:0) (7:0:0)  
 late planula   (0:0:0) (0:0:0) (0:0:0) (0:0:0) (0:1:0) (9:0:0)
  1. Entries from the pairwise gene expression spreadsheet (Additional file 3) that start with expression only in the central domain/endoderm are included in this table. For all combinations of stages, the modes of progression of gene expression (minor change:major change:vanished) are counted. The combinations in bold numbers include the period from the early gastrula to the mid gastrula