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Table 4 Sums of possible periods for gene expression behavior in the central domain/endoderm

From: Analysis of a spatial gene expression database for sea anemone Nematostella vectensis during early development

Two-stage period Possible counts Percentages
Blastula-early gastrula (22:2:1) (88:8:4)
Early gastrula-mid gastrula (9:4:0) (69:31:0)
Mid gastrula-late gastrula (8:2:0) (80:20:0)
Late gastrula-early planula (5:2:0) (71:29:0)
Early planula-planula (11:2:0) (85:15:0)
Planula-late planula (9:1:0) (90:10:0)
  1. For each period, the possible changes in gene expression (minor change:major change:vanished) are added in the second column and expressed as percentages in the third column. As an example, the period from the early gastrula to the mid gastrula (bold numbers) is included in the combinations of stages highlighted in Table 1