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Table 2 Genes differentially methylated in BC

From: Integrating genetics and epigenetics in breast cancer: biological insights, experimental, computational methods and therapeutic potential

Genes Biological effects References
RASSF1A and CCND2 Significantly more methylated in the ER+ than ER− cancers [69]
PGR, TFF1, CDH13, TIMP3, HSD17B4, ESR1 and BCL2 The inverse correlations were found between their hypermethylation and ER expression [70]
ESR1, TGFBR2, PTGS2 and CDH13 They were associated with PR expression [70]
FAM124B, ST6GALNAC1, NAV1 and PER1 The methylation status were quite different between ER+/PR+ and ER−/PR− BC [71]
RASSF1A, CCND2, TWIST, HIN1 Low levels of methylation were detected in normal control samples [74]
CCND2, RASSF1A, APC and HIN1 Able to distinguish between invasive carcinomas, fibroadenomas, and normal tissue [66]
ITIH5, DKK3, and RASSF1A Early detection of BC [74]
APC, BIN1, BMP6, BRCA1, CST6, ESR-b, GSTP1, P16, P21 and TIMP3 Able to distinguish between cancerous and normal tissues [67]
CST6 Differentially methylated between BC and control plasma samples [75]