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Table 4 miRNAs deregulated in BC

From: Integrating genetics and epigenetics in breast cancer: biological insights, experimental, computational methods and therapeutic potential

MiRNAs Biological effect References
miR-200 It associated with the luminal subtype Gregory et al. [132]
miR-145 and miR-205 It associated with basal like triple negative tumours Sempere et al. [133]
miR-125b It can predict poor response to taxol-based treatment in vivo Zhou et al. [134]
miR-181a It correlated with lymph node metastasis Taylor et al. [135]
miR-106b-25 It can significantly predict a good relapse time Smith et al. [136]
miR-31 It controls metastasis and increases the survival of patients Valastyan et al. [147]
let-7 It suppressed metastasis Yu et al. [159]
miR-375 It negatively regulate ER expression de Souza et al. [137]
miR-10b, miR-155 They correlate with metastasis Mar-Aguilar et al. [169]
miR-21 It associated with cell migration and invasion Si et al. [168]