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Table 1 Parameters setting for the pulse generator and EGFR-IGF1R in silico experiments

From: Conditional robustness analysis for fragility discovery and target identification in biochemical networks and in cancer systems biology

Experiment Parameters setting
Y area k 12=174.1101, K 2=789.4512, λ=0.0163
Y maximum k 12=177.8501, λ=0.0204
Y time to maximum k 1=43.4827, K 2=40.0512,λ=0.3360
Multiobjective of Y k 12=177.8501, K 2=40.0512, λ=0.0163
E R K activity p 23=73.9765, p 24=3.9577×106, p 35=23.5795, p 36=6.0595×105, p 27=1.0195