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Fig. 2

From: Deciphering the signaling mechanisms of the plant cell wall degradation machinery in Aspergillus oryzae

Fig. 2

Genome-wide expression signatures of A. oryzae. a Clustering of the 10 enzyme inducers based on 186 calculated chemical descriptors. O-CHE cellohexaose, O-MHE mannohexaose, O-XPE xylopentaose, O-AHP, arabinoheptaose, O-BGHEXA 1,3:1,4-β-Glucohexaose, O-GMH 63-α-D-Glucosyl-maltotriosyl-maltotriose, O-GM3 61-α-D-Galactosyl-mannotriose, O-X3G4R xyloglucan (X3Glc4-Borohydride reduced), TYR turanose, SOP sophorose. b Clustering of the 10 enzyme inducers based on the number of significant genes (in a pair-wise comparison of each oligosaccharide with glucose) per GO term (biological process, cellular component, molecular function). c The contribution of each GO term in the clustering is given as a bar chart whereas the names and values of the 58 GO terms are given in Additional file 2

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