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Fig. 8

From: Pathobiochemical signatures of cholestatic liver disease in bile duct ligated mice

Fig. 8

Histological (H), biochemical (B), and immunostaining (A) correlations. Top correlations between classical and transcriptional factors (numerical values provided in Additional file 2). Correlation coefficients are YS3 correlations with positive correlation depicted in blue, negative correlation in red, according to color key. a Top correlation between histological, biochemical and immunostaining factors with gene transcripts (area of circles corresponds to the correlation coefficients). Only genes with at least one YS3 correlation of abs(YS3) > =0.6 are shown. Genes are sorted based on hierarchical clustering in Fig. 7 with corresponding clusters depicted in the side color bar (C4 and C1). b Correlation between histological, biochemical, and immunostaining factors with color coding analogue to a. c Highest absolute correlations between classical factors (histological, biochemical, and immunostaining), and all other factors. Data sorted from left to right by absolute value of correlation. Color and size of the filled pie corresponds to the respective correlation value, with positive correlation in blue and negative correlation in red

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