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Fig. 2

From: Tracing regulatory routes in metabolism using generalised supply-demand analysis

Fig. 2

The pyruvate branch pathway as defined by Hoefnagel et al. [11]. Reactions are numbered according to the key. The stoichiometry of each reaction is 1 to 1, except for reaction 1 where G l c+2A D P+2N A D +→2Pyr+2ATP+2NADH and reaction 8 where \(\mathrm {2Pyr \rightleftharpoons Aclac}\). Intermediates are abbreviated as follows: Ac: acetate; Acal: acetaldehyde; Acet: acetoin; Aclac: acetolactate; Acp: acetyl phosphate; Glc: glucose; Lac: lactate; But: 2,3-butanediol; Pyr: pyruvate; EtOH: ethanol

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