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Fig. 3

From: Tracing regulatory routes in metabolism using generalised supply-demand analysis

Fig. 3

The aspartate-derived amino acid synthesis pathway as defined by Curien et al. [12]. Reactions are numbered according to the key. Green lines ending with solid arrows indicate activation of a reaction or potentiation of an allosteric effect, while red lines ending with daggers indicate inhibition of reactions or damping of an allosteric effect. Strong allosteric effects are indicated with solid lines, while weak effects are shown with dashed lines. The stoichiometry of each reaction is 1 to 1. Intermediates are abbreviated as follows: Ado-Met: S-adenosylmethionine; ASA: aspartate-semialdehyde; Asp: aspartate; AspP: aspartyl phosphate; Cys: cysteine; Hser: homoserine; Ile: isoleucine; Lys: lysine; PHser: phosphohomoserine; Thr: threonine; Val: valine

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