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Table 1 Top 10 ranked drugs in PDD and their potentiality for the therapy of diseases

From: Prediction of drugs having opposite effects on disease genes in a directed network

Disease (MeSH ID) Drug (DrugBank ID) Description in DrugBank Supporting evidence from literature
OG (D009837) Tetracycline (DB00759) Bacterial infections [27]
TC (D013964) Clomifene (DB00882) Female infertility due to anovulation n/a
TC (D013964) Fulvestrant (DB00947) Metastatic breast cancer [28]
TC (D013964) Ospemifene (DB04938) Dyspareunia n/a
TC (D013964) Cetuximab (DB00002) Metastatic colorectal cancer [29], [30]
TC (D013964) Gefitinib (DB00317) Certain types of cancer [31]–[33]
TC (D013964) Erlotinib (DB00530) Non-small cell lung cancer [34]–[36]
TC (D013964) Panitumumab (DB01269) Antineoplastic agent [36]
AML (D015470) Mecasermin (DB01277) Primary IGF 1 deficiency n/a
TC (D013964) Purvalanol (DB02733) n/a n/a