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Table 1 PILER-CR algorithm parameters

From: Computational prediction of CRISPR cassettes in gut metagenome samples from Chinese type-2 diabetic patients and healthy controls

Parameter Value Description
Minrepeat 16 Minimum length of a repeat.
Maxrepeat 64 Maximum length of a repeat.
Minspacer 8 Minimum spacer length.
Minarray 3 Minimum number of repeats in an array/cassette.
Maxspacer 64 Maximum spacer length.
Minrepeat ratio 0,9 Repeat length ratio
Minspacer ratio 0,75 Spacer length ratio
Mincons 0,9 A run of minarray repeats with at least mincons similarity is required for an array to be reported. The value is specified as fractional identity 0.0… 1.0, with 1.0 meaning identical sequences.