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Table 1 Public postmortem microarray datasets used in this study

From: Meta-analysis of sex differences in gene expression in schizophrenia

Data set Brain region Control: Schizophrenia
Stanley Bahn [35] Frontal BA46 31(24M7F): 34(25M9F)
Stanley AltarC [35] Frontal BA46/10 11(7M4F): 9(8M1F)
Mclean Harvard Brain Bank [36] Prefrontal Cortex (BA9) 26(18M8F): 19(13M6F)
Mirnics [37] Prefrontal Cortex (BA46) 6(4M2F): 9(5M4F)
Maycox GSE17612 [16] Anterior prefrontal cortex (BA10) 21(12M9F): 26(18M8F)
Narayan GSE21138 [19] Frontal (BA46) 29(24M5F): 25(21M4F)