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Table 4 p-values (minus log to the base 10 of reported p-values) for the Fisher’s exact test for similarity of GO terms enriched for human and mouse selected genes. Here we report only Q0 and Q6 selected genes

From: Enhanceosome transcription factors preferentially dimerize with high mobility group proteins

Dimer type Dimer p-value Q0 global Best Q0 p-value p-value Q6 global Best Q6 p-value
HMG-A; ATF2 M00750; M00172 78.96 80.15 (HdL/416) 0.35 3.31 (HdA/Spl)
HMG-A; ATF2 M00750; M00188 72.44 40.97 (HLB/416) 1.51 1.73 (HLL/416)
HMG-A; ATF2 M00750; M00801 62.74 159.94 (HdA/CH) 0.37 14.16 (Th2/Thy)
IRF-A; IRF-B M00772; M01881 0.61 2.01 (GM/Spl) 3.02 3.01 (CD/A20)
IRF-A; IRF-B M00972; M00772 0.59 2.59 (GM/TRA) 13.22 10.42 (CD/TR)
IRF-A; IRF-B M00972; M01881 7.27 9.22 (Mon/Bcl) 2.12 16.86 (ThW/TR)
IRF-A; IRF-B M01881; M01881 7.94 10.16 (ThW/Bcl) 8.55 5.41 (CD/TR)
  1. Column ‘p-value Q0 global’ refers to p-value of Fisher’s exact test for globaly selected genes (set union of all genes selected by the same dimer in different cell types). Column ‘best Q0 p-value’ shows minus log to the base 10 of the best reported p-value, names in brackets are cell types in human/mouse for which this p-value was achieved. Same explanation applies to Q6. Here are the abbreviations of the cell type names: (human) HdL = HMVEC-dLy-Neo, HdA = HMVEC-dAd, HLB = HMVEC-LBl, HLL = HMVEC-LLy, GM = GM12865, CD = CD2+_RO01778, Mon = Monocytes-CD14+_RO01746, ThW = Th2_Wb54553204; (mouse) 416 = 416B, Spl = Spleen, CH = CH12, Thy = Thymus, TRA = TReg-Activated, TR = TReg, Bcl = B-cell_(CD19+)