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Fig. 5

From: Integrative modeling of multi-omics data to identify cancer drivers and infer patient-specific gene activity

Fig. 5

Identifying unsupervized clusters in colorectal cancer and finding differential gene activity within each cluster. a Consensus matrix for K=2,3,4,5, using k-means clustering on colorectal cell lines. The consensus matrices show that there are two distinct subtypes which are stable even when K is increased. b Principal component analysis (PCA) plot of the FLM gene activity scores for 42 colorectal cancer cell lines. Colors indicate the two subtypes found using consensus clustering. c Subtypes found by FLM in CCLE are validated by comparing with subtypes in TCGA [36]. CCS2 is correlated with cluster 2 (green), while cluster 1 is split between CCS1 and CCS3. d Heatmap of the significantly differential gene activity scores (Student’s t-test, F D R<0.05) which differentiate the two FLM subtypes

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