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Table 2 Gene targets and the predictors of sensitivity for the compounds

From: Integrative modeling of multi-omics data to identify cancer drivers and infer patient-specific gene activity

Compounds Direct gene targets Known sensitivity predictors Sensitivity threshold Resistance threshold
PLX4720 BRAF BRAF mutation A c t A r e a≥2.05 A c t A r e a≤0.47
AZD6244 MEK BRAF mutation A c t A r e a≥3.02 A c t A r e a≤0.69
Erlotinib EGFR EGFR mutation A c t A r e a≥1.74 A c t A r e a≤0.42
Nutlin-3 MDM2 TP53 mutation I C50≤4.26 I C50≥6.94
   TP53 expression   
BYL719 PIK3CA PIK3CA mutation E C50≤3.04 E C50>3.04
    A m a x≤–30 A m a x>–30