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Fig. 8

From: Differentiation resistance through altered retinoblastoma protein function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: in silico modeling of the deregulations in the G1/S restriction point pathway

Fig. 8

Parameter Scan and Simulation results for the drug administration scenario. (a) Relationship between Cyclin D levels (cyan) at the end of the simulation and drug administration rate (r drug parameter value) (b) Relationship between the ratio of pRb vs. hyper-pRb (all forms) (dark purple) and r drug parameter value. For an intermediate rate of drug administration: (c) free Cyclin D levels are rapidly diminished and hypo-pRb (purple) is predicted to show significant levels only for a limited period of time, (d) hyper-phosphorylated pRb species (all forms) (dark yellow) are rapidly de-phosphorylated leading to the increase, (e) Cyclin A levels fail to reach adequate for G1/S transition levels, (f) Relationship between G1/S Transition Time and r drug parameter value. Small rates of drug administration leads to accelerated G1/S transition, however, after a certain threshold the cell cycle execution is slowed down and finally completely inhibited

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