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Table 1 Mathematical definition of the reaction rate parameters of the newly introduced reactions

From: Differentiation resistance through altered retinoblastoma protein function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: in silico modeling of the deregulations in the G1/S restriction point pathway

Relevant original reaction number in Fig. 4 Newly introduced reaction number in Fig. 4 Parameter name in original reactiona New parameter definitionb
r15 r22 k dE2F \( {k}_{dE2{F}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{dE2F}*{k}_{dE2F} \)
r1 r5 k bD4pRb \( {k}_{bD4 pRbleuk}=p{r}_{bD4}*{k}_{bD4pRb} \)
r9 r17
r1 (reverse) r5 (reverse) k uD4pRb \( {k}_{uD4 pRbleuk}=p{r}_{uD4}*{k}_{uD4pRb} \)
r9 (reverse) r17 (reverse)
r2 r6 k upD4pRb \( {k}_{uD4 pRbleuk}=p{r}_{uD4}*{k}_{uD4pRb} \)
r10 r18
r24 r23 k tpRbDephos \( {k}_{tpRbDepho{s}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{tpRbDepho s}*{k}_{tpRbDepho s} \)
r19 r20
r16 r21 k uE2FpRb \( {k}_{uE2 FpRb\_ leuk}=p{r}_{uE2F}*{k}_{uE2 FpRb} \)
r11 r21 (reverse) k bE2FpRb \( {k}_{bE2 FpRb\_ leuk}=p{r}_{bE2F}*{k}_{bE2 FpRb} \)
r3 r35 k bE2pRb \( {k}_{bE2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{bE2A2A1}*{k}_{bE2pRb} \)
r13 r25
n.s. r27 k bA2pRb \( {k}_{bA2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{bE2A2A1}*{k}_{bA2pRb} \)
n.s. r29
n.s. r31 k bA1pRb \( {k}_{bA1pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{bE2A2A1}*{k}_{bA1pRb} \)
n.s. r33
r3 (reverse) r35 (reverse) k uE2pRb \( {k}_{uE2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{uE2A2A1}*{k}_{uE2pRb} \)
r13 (reverse) r25 (reverse)
n.s. r27 (reverse) k uA2pRb \( {k}_{uA2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{uE2A2A1}*{k}_{uA2pRb} \)
n.s. r29 (reverse)
n.s. r31 (reverse) k uA1pRb \( {k}_{uA1pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{uE2A2A1}*{k}_{uA1pRb} \)
n.s. r33 (reverse)
r4 r36 k upE2pRb \( {k}_{upE2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{upE2A2A1}*{k}_{upE2pRb} \)
r14 r26
n.s. r28 k upA2pRb \( {k}_{upA2pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{upE2A2A1}*{k}_{upA2pRb} \)
n.s. r30
n.s. r32 k upA1pRb \( {k}_{upA1pR{b}_{leuk}}=p{r}_{upE2A2A1}*{k}_{upA1pRb} \)
n.s. r34
  1. n.s.: not shown in Fig. 4
  2. aThe parameter names for the already defined reaction rates are kept as introduced in [40]. bThe respective newly introduced parameters are similarly named but denoted by the leuk subscript. The proportionality constants are named using the symbol pr and a subscript influenced by their relevant reaction rate name