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Table 2 Quality statistics of GEM-PRO models

From: Systems biology of the structural proteome

Model PDB coveragea Homology model coverageb PDB quality scorec Homology model quality (TM-score)d
T. maritima 136/478 342 0.82 (0.86) 0.79
E. coli 490/1366 1366 0.77 (0.95) 0.82
  1. aNumber of total genes with PDB structures (includes minimally modified) after QC/QA; bNumber of total genes with homology models. Note that there may be overlap between PDB and homology model coverage; cMean quality score of PDB structures in the GEM-PRO model for all available PDB structures. In parentheses are the subset of “best representative structures” for all metabolic gene (as ranked by the QC/QA pipeline), scaled (0, 1] where 0 is low quality and 1 is the highest quality; dMean quality score of the homology models taken from the I-TASSER TM-score metric, is the range [0,1] with a value >0.5 implying correct topology of the model [28]