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Fig. 3

From: Hypothetical biomolecular probe based on a genetic switch with tunable symmetry and stability

Fig. 3

Stability in stochastic and deterministic simulations of the LacI-TetR (LITR) genetic switch. The stability plots represent the same genetic circuit with different plasmid copy numbers, ie. the total copy number of LacI and TetR genes: a 1 copy, b 2 copies, c 4 copies, and d 8 copies. Monostable regions are represented in white. The dotted black line encloses the deterministically determined bistable regions. Joint bistable regions (bistable with switching) are represented as heat plots in colors from purple to red. The heat bars represent the switching frequency in Hz. Black regions represent bistable regions where no switching occurred for the duration of the simulation time (107 seconds)

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