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Table 1 List of functions in the PFA Toolbox

From: PFA toolbox: a MATLAB tool for Metabolic Flux Analysis

initPFAtoolbox It starts the PFA Toolbox
1: MFA problem formulation  
define_MOC It defines the model-based constraints
define_PossMeasurements It represents the measured fluxes
define_MEC It defines the measured-based constraints
2: Computing estimations  
solve_maxPoss It calculates the most possible set of flux values
solve_maxPossIntervals It calculates the interval of most possible flux values
solve_PossInterval It calculates the interval of flux values with the desired possibility
3: Plotting the estimations  
plot_PossMeasurements It plots measurements in possibilistic terms
plot_distribution It plots the distribution of a given flux
plot_intervals It plots interval estimates of a given flux
4: Other  
Solve_possintervalYMP Advanced function; read its help.
solve_Interval It solves an Interval MFA problem