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Fig. 1

From: Modelling with ANIMO: between fuzzy logic and differential equations

Fig. 1

The Cytoscape user interface running the ANIMO plug-in. The Network panel in the centre contains the nodes-edges model of the example TNF α pathway (see Methods section), with colours indicating node activity levels and shapes representing different protein categories (see the Legend on the left). The Results Panel on the right contains a graph plotting activity levels of selected nodes during the first 24 hours of simulation of the model. The slider under the graph allows the user to select the time instant (marked as a vertical red line in the graph) on which the colours of the nodes in the Network are based. The series with the _data suffix is experimental data from [26], considering a treatment with 100 ng/ml TNF α. All acronyms used in this paper and their corresponding UniProt IDs are listed in Additional file 1: Section C

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