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Fig. 4

From: Modelling with ANIMO: between fuzzy logic and differential equations

Fig. 4

Experiment: circadian clock resynchronization in ANIMO. a The oscillations in CRY, CLK and TIM in normal conditions over a time span of 5 days (1 day = 1 oscillation period). b Recovery of circadian clock synchronization. After having altered the light/dark alternance by changing CRY’s phase, a simulation of 10 days has been performed. We note that the changes in TIM caused by CRY make the peaks in CLK gradually realign with CRY, effectively causing the resynchronization of the circadian clock to the new time zone. Similarly to what was reported in [19], the synchronization is almost complete after about 5 days. The activity levels of the series shown here were not rescaled on a [0, 100] interval as was done in the other figures for this model. This allows us to both make the series more easily distinguishable and to show how the resulting simulation would appear to an ANIMO user after following the steps we described here

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