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Table 5 False negative error analysis of PK DDI extraction

From: Leveraging syntactic and semantic graph kernels to extract pharmacokinetic drug drug interactions from biomedical literature

Error categories Example
Relations failed to be covered by the shortest path of the graph … suggesting that the degree of induction of methadone metabolism by nevirapine is similar for both dosing regimens…
Conjunctive structure Zafirlukast inhibited the hydroxylation of tolbutamide (CYP2C9; mean IC(50) = 7.0 microM), triazolam (CYP3A; IC(50) = 20.9 microM) and S-mephenytoin (CYP2C19; IC(50) = 32.7 microM).
Co-reference resolution Although erythromycin only modestly decreases lignocaine clearance, it causes a concomitant elevation of the concentrations of its pharmacologically active metabolite MEGX.
Need numerical calculation Mean CYP2D6 dextromethorphan metabolic ratios before and after fluoxetine therapy were 0.028 +/-0.031 and 0.080 +/- 0.058, respectively (P = .001)…
Rare relation pattern The estimated K(i) values for CYP2D6-catalyzing dextrorphan formation were ranked in the following order: perphenazine (0.8 microM), thioridazine (1.4 microM), chlorpromazine (6.4 microM), haloperidol (7.2 microM), fluphenazine (9.4 microM), risperidone (21.9 microM), clozapine (39.0 microM), and cis-thiothixene (65.0 microM).
  1. The drug names and important cue words in each example are bolded