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Fig. 5

From: Stochastic modeling suggests that noise reduces differentiation efficiency by inducing a heterogeneous drug response in glioma differentiation therapy

Fig. 5

Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic noises on the molecular and cellular responses simulated using the CLE model. a-d Control group: the intrinsic noise has a standard deviation of \( 1/\sqrt{V} \) =0.001, and the extrinsic noise has a standard deviation of λ = 0.001; e-f increasing strength of intrinsic noise (\( 1/\sqrt{V} \) =0.01); i-l increasing strength of extrinsic noise (λ = 0.01). The stochastic temporal responses of cyclin D1 and GFAP, the distribution of GFAP levels and the differentiation potential of glioma cells evaluated at 48 h were simulated

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