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Fig. 2

From: How time delay and network design shape response patterns in biochemical negative feedback systems

Fig. 2

Results of Monte-Carlo analysis of Models 1-4. a Simulation of Models 1-4 with parameter values I=0.87, α=0.11, β=0.17, δ=58.2, n=12.77, K m =0.23, τ=2.5 without auto-inhibition (κ=0). b,c Stability analysis of Monte-Carlo simulations of Models 1-4. Model parameters were randomly sampled 10000 times in the certain range. The range was defined according to assumptions about model characteristics: strength of DNF (strong or weak) and presence of auto-inhibition. The percentage of parameter sets (see Fig. b), which induced absolute stability, and the mean value of marginal time delay τ m (see Fig. c) were quantified

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