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Table 6 Nodes whose knockouts diminish ABA’s inhibition of stomatal opening

From: Analysis of a dynamic model of guard cell signaling reveals the stability of signal propagation

Light, CO2 and ABA condition Unperturbed SO level Nodes whose knockout results in a partially restored SO, and the corresponding SO value
Dual Beam Moderate CO2, ABA is present 0 3 3 5 3 2
Blue Light 0 3 2 3 2 1
Red Light 0    3   1
  1. The first set of columns, with the header ‘Light, CO2 and ABA condition’, indicate the input signal combinations. The 2nd column is the stomatal opening without perturbations. The 3rd column set indicates the nodes whose knockout would yield a stomatal opening level that is higher than the unperturbed value of 0. CO2 knockout means CO2 being set to zero (CO2 free air). No entry means the setting does not cause partial reversal