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Table 1 Contingency and contingency tests with HLT baseline

From: A method for automated pathogenic content estimation with application to rheumatoid arthritis

a. Contingency ∑|Δg| Eubiotic frequency Dysbiotic frequency
NORA-HLT 314 7977
MTX-HLT 1965 0
Prednisone-HLT 266 102
b. Contingency test p-values NORA UCRA MTX Prednisone
NORA   0.54 1 1
UCRA 1   1 1
MTX 0 3.95E-40   1
Prednisone 1.24E-251 2.99E-09 1  
  1. a. Condition-impact contingency table with cumulated frequencies accounted for harmless and pathogenic impacts (column) under the compared conditions (row). ∑|Δg| is the result of an increase of harmless bacteria abundances plus decrease (absolute value) of harmful bacteria abundances for eubiotic microbiomes and viceversa for dysbiotic. b. Contingency test assessing the hypothesis that the condition in the row is more associated to a more harmless composition than the condition in the column. One-sided Fisher’s exact test, p < 0.05, in bold)