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Table 2 Physiological parameters of Arabidopsis leaves

From: In silico metabolic network analysis of Arabidopsis leaves

  light-metabolism model dark-metabolism model Whole plant experiment
Substrate CO2 C12-starch subunit CO2
Substrate Uptake [mmol substrate] 1 1 1
Biomass Production [mg Biomass] 28.6 329 25.2
Biomass Yield [g/C-mol Substrate] 28.6 27.4 25.2
Carbon Efficiency [%] 90.6 86.8 79.9
  1. Maximal theoretical biomass production of Arabidopsis leaves as predicted by the metabolic model, both in the light and in the dark. The simulation data are compared with the experimentally determined growth yield of Arabidopsis rosettes [87]. Details on the experimental yield calculation can be found in Additional file 1: Table S6