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Table 2 ΔB ct values of NaV1.7 nABN and hSNPs

From: Network topology of NaV1.7 mutations in sodium channel-related painful disorders

Type Mutation Amino acid
ΔB ct
hSNP S126A Polar → H Φ O VSD (S1;DI) 0
L127A =H Φ O VSD (S1;DI) 0.12
M145L =H Φ O VSD (S1;DI) 0
N146S =Polar VSD (S1;DI) 0.020
V194I =H Φ O VSD (S3;DI) -0.14
L201V =H Φ O VSD (S2;DI) 0.259
N206D Polar → Charged VSD (S2;DI) -0.037
E759D =Charged VSD (S1-S2;DII) -0.18
A766T H Φ O → polar VSD (S2;DII) 0.20
A766V =H Φ O VSD (S2;DII) 0.06
I767V =H Φ O VSD (S2;DII) 0.13
V795I =H Φ O VSD (S3;DII) -0.72
A815S H Φ O → polar VSD (S3-S4;DII) 0.24
K1176R =Charged VSD (S1;DIII) 0.0004
R1207K =Charged VSD (S1-S2;DIII) -0.19
T1210N =Polar VSD (S1-S2;DIII) 0
I1235V =H Φ O VSD (S2;DIII) 0
A1505V =H Φ O VSD (S1;DIV) 0.00026
S1509T =Polar VSD (S1;DIV) 0.092
S1509A Polar → H Φ O VSD (S1;DIV) 0.0084
Q1530P Polar → H Φ O VSD (S1-S2;DIV) -0.166
Q1530K Polar → Charged VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.20
Q1530D =Polar VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.066
H1531Y Charged → Polar VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.12
M1532V =H Φ O VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.66
E1534D =Charged VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.067
Y1537N =Polar VSD (S1-S2;DIV) 0.63
T1548S =Polar VSD (S2;DIV) 0.085
H1560Y Charged → Polar VSD (S2-S3;DIV) -0.20
H1560C =H Φ O VSD (S2-S3;DIV) 0.17
V1565I =H Φ O VSD (S2-S3;DIV) -0.45
I1577L =H Φ O VSD (S3;DIV) -0.07
D1586E =Charged VSD (S3;DIV) 0.07
T1590K Polar → Charged VSD (S3-S4;DIV) 0.07
T1590R Polar → Charged VSD (S3-S4;DIV) 0.29
V1613I =H Φ O VSD (S4;DIV) -0.67
nABN N1245Sa =polar VSD (S2-S3;DIII) -0.05
L1267Va =H Φ O VSD (S3;DIII) 0
V1428I =H Φ O Pore (S6;DIII) 0.19
T920N =Polar Loop-P (DII) 0.04
hSNP D890E =Charged Loop-P (DII) -0.13
D890V Charged → H Φ O Loop-P (DII) -0.13
T1398M Polar → H Φ O Loop-P (DIII) -0.14
I1399D H Φ O → Charged Loop-P (DIII) -1.63
D1411S Charged → Polar Loop-P (DIII) -0.20
D1411N Charged → Polar Loop-P (DIII) -0.16
K1412I Charged → H Φ O Loop-P (DIII) -0.0033
K1412E =Charged Loop-P (DIII) -0.067
K1415I Charged → H Φ O Loop-P (DIII) 0.038
S1419N =Polar Loop-P (DIII) 0.001
D1662A Charged → H Φ O Loop-P (DIV) -0.43
G1674A =H Φ O Loop-P (DIV) -0.71
K1700A Charged → H Φ O Loop-P (DIV) -0.22
  1. hSNPs homologous Single nucleotide Polymorphisms ΔB ct was calculated as (mutated B ct – Wild-type B ct ) × 100
  2. aBrouwer et al. [53]; H Φ O: Hydrophobic