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Table 6 Constraints for each cell type in model simulations for FBA and FVA

From: The use of genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction to predict fluxes and equilibrium composition of N-fixing versus C-fixing cells in a diazotrophic cyanobacterium, Trichodesmium erythraeum

Parameter Diazotroph Photoautotroph
Carbon Uptake (mmol C (g DW)-1 h-1) 0.927 (glycogen) [29] 0.927 (CO2) [29]
Nitrogen Uptake (mmol N (g DW)-1 h-1) Unlimited (N2) Unlimited (NH4 +)
Nitrogenase Flux (mmol (g DW)-1 h-1) 0.132 0
Maintenance Energy (mmol ATP (g DW)-1 h-1) 64.3 67.2
PSI 80 80 −  PSII
PSII 0 80 −  PSI
Growth Rate (h-1) 0.0146 [29] 0.0146 [29]
Metabolite Output NH4 + Glycogen
Objective Function Maximize biomass Maximize biomass