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Fig. 5

From: Sampling-based Bayesian approaches reveal the importance of quasi-bistable behavior in cellular decision processes on the example of the MAPK signaling pathway in PC-12 cell lines

Fig. 5

Model validation. a Dose-response profiles of ERK activation were mimicked by simulating the model with increasing input strength parameter k u for stimulation with EGF (left) and NGF (right). The system shows a unimodal and ultrasensitively increasing ppERK concentration after stimulation with EGF (t=5 min after stimulation) and a bimodal distribution when stimulated with NGF exceeding a threshold concentration (t=60 min after stimulation) (compare data in [12], Subfigs 2c and d). b Inhibition of MEK (left) results in the loss of sustained Raf activation upon stimulation with NGF (gray dashed PPDs) compared to the control case (blue continuous PPDs). Inhibition of PKC via Gö7874 (right) causes the loss of sustained ERK activation upon NGF stimulation (data from [12], Fig. 4a). This was simulated by switching off the feedback connection. c Irreveversibility in MAPK activation upon NGF stimulation was investigated via mimicking treatment of the cell culture with neutralizing antibodies (left) and TrkA inhibitors (right) (compare data in [12], Subfigs 3a and c)

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