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Table 1 Demographic variables used in the SNP×SNP×E network

From: SNP by SNP by environment interaction network of alcoholism

Variable Level/Range
Income/yr $ 0–10 K
10–20 K
20–30 K
30–40 K
40–50 K
50–75 K
75–100 K
100–150 K >150 K
Location of childhood home large city/suburbs/small city/village/rural area
Level of education less than H.S. grad/H.S. grad/some college/college grad or more
Gender M/F
Age at interview 18–77
Race AA/EA
Sexually abused as a child yes/no
Otherwise physically abused as a child yes/no
Neglected as a child yes/no
Experienced sexual trauma yes/no
Otherwise experienced physical trauma yes/no
Experienced non-physical trauma yes/no
Weight 85–435 lb
Frequency with which attends religious services 0–500
Height 49–80 in