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Fig. 6

From: Network reconstruction of the mouse secretory pathway applied on CHO cell transcriptome data

Fig. 6

Graphical representation of the reconstructed secretory network. The change in differential expression of each components is visualised by the log2 fold change: up-regulation (red) and down regulation (blue). The intensity of the colour indicates the level in fold change. No cut-off to the fold change was added since minor changes in the expression level are important when identifying areas of activity and processes in the secretory network. Nodes are circled by a thicker line if FDR < 0.05. a The complete network graphically visualised in Cytoscape. b Selected protein complexes of OST, COPI, COPII, ESCRT-I, and the functional group of ER glycosylation and proteasome displayed in their position within the secretion pathway. c Proteasome components overlaid with gene expression data with the effect of secretion stress. d Proteasome protein/functional complex overlaid with gene expression data with the difference of exponential growth phase and stationary phase. Nodes: Green, Function; Turquoise, Proteins complex; Yellow, isoprotein; Red, Up-regulated; Blue, Down-regulated

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