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Table 2 HGNC Symbols of the top 10 regulators found by each method for COAD (using 165 samples), LIHC (404 samples) and PAAD (180 samples) and the use of only mRNA data as input (left panel) and multiple input data sets (RACER: mRNA, miRNA, CNV and DNA methylation; RABIT: mRNA, CNV and DNA methylation; biRte: mRNA and CNV; right panel). TFs with equal activity values are marked with*. TFs found by several method’s top 10 are marked in bold (when found by RACER, RABIT and biRte), blue (RACER and RABIT), red (RABIT and biRte) or yellow (RACER and biRte)

From: Estimating genome-wide regulatory activity from multi-omics data sets using mathematical optimization